Clark Raises €69m In Series C Funding By German Insurance

Clark, a Germany-based insurance company, has just received fresh equity from Tencent. It was a portion of their most contemporary finance allocation round. 

The insurer has collected €69 million under the leadership of the Chinese technology titan, who also witnessed Portag3 Investments, White Star Capital, and Yabeo rejoin and boost their investment. As per clark 69m series tencentfinsmes

According to Alex Leung, Clark is a compelling investment because of its tech-first, customer-focused marketing approach. He works for Tencent as the Assistant Chief Operating officer. His most recent message also stated that the company was unquestionably the industry champion in Germany’s electronic insurance sector. As per clark 69m series tencentfinsmes

Clients in Deutschland can check their existing coverage using the application or webpage of the Frankfurt-based electronic insurance administration system application or webpage. By performing algorithm-based industry analysis, they can enhance existing conditions with reduced premiums and alternative coverage.

Tencent served as the lead shareholder in the funding round, with involvement from previous backers Portag3 Investments, White Star Investments, and Yabeo.

Alongside additional service and customer engagement investments, the organization plans to use the cash to boost its expansion.

Clark: A German Insurance Administrator 

Dr. Christopher Oster, Steffen Glomb, Dr. Marco Adelt, and Chris Lodde established Clark in June 2015; it is an insurance administrator in Germany that gives its clients an electronic portal to enhance existing insurance.

After a brief enrollment procedure, consumers can track the progress of their coverage issue via the smartphone and on the internet.

The method is algorithm-base. It offers a breakdown of all consumer charges. Clark analyzes the stock’s alternatives to get the most outstanding prices. The business operates in Austria and Germany.

Series C funding

Series C fundraising aims to prepare a business for an investment, an IPO, or a significant development that might involve a procurement.

While some organizations seek subsequent waves to acquire extra money, it’s typically the final investment phase a venture works through.

Organizations participating in this funding series are estimate at roughly $118 million and exhibit evidence of recent effectiveness.

Series C financing injects significant sums of capital into lucrative enterprises to grow them up asap and earn a substantial profit for the shareholders, unlike earlier stages of financing, which use capital funds to begin producing revenue and stake out their niche in the marketplace. As per clark 69m series tencentfinsmes

Companies that look for Series C capital are no longer innovators. They have a committed following of customers and a well-known brand, yet they are constantly developing as established companies. Because of the minimal hazard, tested sales model, and opportunity to support a startup that might become worth trillions, commercial organizations, trading money, and financial institutions frequently donate to this type of investment.

In 2020, the median Series C financing was at USD 59.1 million.

How does Series C Funding Work?

Organizations that seek series C capital aren’t technically startups anymore. They are often mature, prosperous businesses with stable sales and earnings in the later phases.

Their primary goods or services are in high need in the industry and draw a sizable clientele. Firms look for series C finance to support their current successes through additional growth. The business wants to expand after a series C investment to maintain its development.


Considering current events in the US that might hinder the expansion of Tencent’s mobile transactions and banking technology solutions across Washington, Tencent’s demand for spending remains strong in 2021.

Trump issued an executive directive barring purchases with two of Tencent’s mobile exchanges last week, designating the company as a risk to public security.

Alipay was also included along with several other well-known Chinese-owned or related efficiency and convenience applications. A judicial officer challenged the directive, which is scheduled to take action after Trump stepped down.

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