Everything to Understand About Adam

Would you like to understand more about Matos ? Then there is everything about him. He is a man who is 32 years old in Florida and was guilty because he had murdered four members on Thursday. Police arrested Matos on suspicion of murder on September 5, 2014, where Matos fatally shot his ex-girlfriend Megan brown and her father Greg brown at their Hudson home in 2014. He also beat Margaret brown and Nick Leonard to death with a hammer and was tracked down at a Tampa hotel with a SWAT team in 2014, where officers also found him missing four-year-old son Ishmael. 

What does the jury find in the murder case?

In 2017, a jury found Adam Matos guilty of four counts of premeditated first-degree murder in the 2014 killings of his former girlfriend Megan brown, her parents, and her boyfriend after he described in detail how he killed four of them in Hudson. Matos also took a trial to defend himself in self-defense, which caused the savage quadruple homicide. He also claimed that the violence began when Megan’s new lover attacked him. His name is Nicholas Leonard, which is an allegation where the jury refused to believe in convicting him of the murders. 

What are the reasons for murdering his girlfriend?

According to the reports, Matos also claimed that Nicholas Leonard, Megan’s new boyfriend, assaulted him and that this was at the time of violence commenced. He alleged that Leonard choked him and held a revolver to his wardrobe inside this Hudson house. Greg Brown, Megan’s father, had joined the space with a handgun, and Matos admitted to using a knife to stab Leonard during the fight. 

What happened last, and where is he now?

He also further testified that he snapped when he learned that he had killed Megan and used a hammer to kill the injured Leonard. Matos also claimed that Paranoia had taken over him, and he covered his head a few times without realizing that she probably wasn’t trying to kill him. There is only one victim in this case, that is, the credit cards to buy food and s shovel, which he allegedly used to bury the bodies to cover up his crimes. 

The bodies were found about a mile from the residence on September 4, 2014where the father and son were arrested the same day at the Tampa hotel. He also looked casual and maintained innocence at the time of his arrest. He was found guilty on all four charges of the murder at the time of receiving four consecutive life terms in prison without the possibility of parole. He is still serving at the Wakulla correctional institution in Wakulla country, Florida. 

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