Instacart taps Facebook Executive as CEO, Names Founder Apoorva Mehta to executive chairman.

American retail grocery delivery company, Instacart recently announced that it will replace founder Apoorva Mehta as chief executive officer.

American retail grocery delivery company, Instacart recently announced that the company would have a new CEO. Fidji Simo, the Facebook executive, will now replace founder Apoorva Mehta as the Chief Executive Officer after leaving her job as the key executive for Facebook, according to an official statement from InstaCart. Apoorva Mehta will now take place as the executive chairman after successfully being the CEO for almost ten years. Fidji has recently joined the company on the board of directors. Instacart Apoorva Mehta Mascarenhastechcrunch

InstaCart is a North American grocery delivery company co-found in June 2012 by Apoorva Mehta, Brandon Leonardo, and Max Mullen. The company has its headquarters established in San Francisco, California.

It provides its users the service of ordering or pick-up groceries and essentials from the store of their choice and has more than 500 retailers and more than 2500 employees associated.InstaCart delivers to more than 50000 cities across multiple stores in the USA. The current Valuation of the company stood at $39 Billion.

The grocery delivery startup definitely got more reach and recognition in the initial days of the Covid-19 pandemic when Millions of people switched to delivering household items due to security protocols and limited interactions. For this purpose, it hired hundreds of people to fulfill the needs of its customers. In the meantime, they have also widened their product base by adding sports essentials, electronics, and medicine based on prescription to broaden their market value. In a world of quarantine, these companies become a living heaven for people by providing their essentials to their homes.

However, with this growth, many controversies have come up with InstaCart. When it joined PostMates, Lyft, Uber, and DoorDash as the backers for the Proposition 22 measure. Proposition 22 is a step to limiting gig workers to working as contractors. As this measure continues, gradually, it becomes beneficial for Instacart but harmful for customers. At the same time, Instacart was alleged of applying unfair policies to its customers while bringing benefits for itself. Simo will handle these situations after gaining experience working with controversial companies like Facebook. Instacart Apoorva Mehta Mascarenhastechcrunch

Once an  Engineer at Amazon, Apoorva Mehta expressed his views on the decision saying the decision was not easy. She said, “The idea of someone else running the company never crossed my mind.

This was a tough decision for her, and “Instacart has been my life’s work, But when I came to the conclusion that this would be a better longer-term decision for our future business, the decision became easy.”Mehta said.

Mehta, who founded Instacart was very passionate about Instacrt from the start. She started the company when he was in her 20s and did most of the shopping and deliveries himself via Uber in the beginning. He successfully saved Instacart from dangerous conditions the company faced in the starting weeks of the pandemic. Mehta said that he is playing a 20 years game and will be looking ahead due to the immense success of Instacart.

Newly appointed CEO Fidji Simo who works as a Facebook executive running Facebook’s flagship app, joined it in 2012 and has done majorly on the monetization parts by web campaigns and advertising. She will be focusing on uplifting the revenue primarily through the InstaCart advertising division founded in 2019.

Simo said, “The ROI for advertisers is already there. There’s an advertising product inside people’s cart, which is the holy grain in advertising.” she wanted to discontinue all other advertising formats being used and will focus on that only. Simo recalls one 9 pm moment of her meeting with Apoorva, saying, “He’s very convincing.” And ” My husband would joke when I was doing these daily calls with Apoorva that I am the most hands-on board member ever. But it was very gradual.”She was described as the “core driver of Facebook’s mobile monetization strategy” by Instacart.

She helped facebook’s employee count grow from 1000 to 100000 and will assist Instacart’s ability to go public further. The company declined to provide any further information on the context of the appointment of Simo as the CEO. Being featured in  Marie Curie, Simo said that she hadn’t had any plan of considering anything else and was settled in her role, but life happens, and “I had to take it. It felt like an incredible adventure to get on.” 

Now that Instacart got its new Ceo, Apoorva said that this is not a forced decision by any investors. He has decided to give Instacart a leader with plenty of experience working with Social media Giants and Facebook in their respective field; It will be profitable for the e-commerce start-up. Lately, Facebook has been in the news due to allegations by the company regarding its user’s data and information handling, and it is dealing with antitrust lawsuits from government regulators. Indeed, Facebook will lose a significant person from its workforce.

He talked about the work and impact of Fidji Simo on social media giant Facebook. Facebook’s Chief Operational officer, Sheryl Sandberg, also stated his views by commenting on the matter. Talking about gender equality, Simo brings to the tech community, she said,” You have worn so many hats leading the Facebook app- all while advocating for gender equality in the tech community.

I am so proud to see where you are headed. cheering you on!”He also praised Fidji stating the positive impact brought by hers over these ten years working at Facebook. Instacart Apoorva Mehta Mascarenhastechcrunch

The appointment of new CEO at a time when the company can expect to have an Initial public offering can be differentiating and significant for people. The company should continue caring for its customers to make the most of the delivery app. While bringing Fidji Simo as the new Chief Executive officer to its platform seems like a practical step in terms of increasing the revenue and market valuation of InstaCart and maintaining the appropriacy of the business.

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